Adam’s Devotional – April 18-24, 2019

From Adam…

Do you know what worship services people are not lining up to go to? Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. On Maundy Thursday, we remember Jesus’ last supper, Jesus washing his disciples feet, and Judas betraying him. On Good Friday we remember that Jesus was abandoned by all his disciples; he was tried and then crucified. While you may not see many people in church Thursday or Friday, the place will be packed on Easter morning. It will take four services to handle the resurrection rush of Easter. Could it be that we are less interested in talking about how we betray one another? Perhaps we don’t want to be as gross and vulnerable as dirty bare feet; instead we’d prefer to put on our Easter best. Maybe we’d like to avoid abandonment and death altogether. We’d like to skip death and take a shortcut to the resurrection.  This Lent we have reflected on the four temptations of Jesus Christ according to Matthew. The common theme in all the temptations is the devil inviting Jesus to take a shortcut in relationship with us. The good news is that Jesus takes no shortcuts when it comes to loving us. Are we taking shortcuts by avoiding authentic intimacy, embarrassing vulnerability, and real reconciliation with God, ourselves and others? What would it look like for you to take the long way this year? Maybe you could go to the Maundy Thursday or Good Friday services somewhere. God’s up to something . . . dying to love you. 

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