Adam’s Devotional – December 13-19, 2018

From Adam…

Exams are the worst! The idea that people assign a numerical grade to your performance is incredibly anxiety inducing to say the least. The word compassion means, suffering together. Exam season is one of those times where we really understand what that means. Everybody is going through the same stress, the same exhaustion, the same suffering. What would it look like for you to adopt a spirit of Christ-like compassion during exams? How can you support those struggling near you? In what ways can you offer Christ to those near you studying at home, cramming in the hallway beforehand, freaking out in the desk next to you, and collapsing from exhaustion afterwards? Christ became human to be with us in our suffering. It would be like parents and other adults in your life going back to high school so they could take exams with you. CRAZY! Christ endured the cross, endured life and death and everything that goes with it to be able to be with us in the midst of it all– to be Emmanuel. Christ offers us genuine compassion and something else . . . hope! This is the promise of Christmas: like it or not, ready or not, believe it or not, Jesus is coming. This Baby is going to be born. Life, hope, faith, love are all coming in ways you can’t possibly imagine. Exam season is upon us, but have hope. It will come to an end, and the results do not define you. The grace, hope, and love of Jesus Christ do. God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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