Adam’s Devotional – December 20-26, 2018

From Adam…

We mourn together. It’s a communal act, but no one can do your grief work for you. No one can cry in your place; you get to do that. Exams are similar.  Everyone in the whole school has to take exams, but no one can take your test for you. DANG IT! Part of the reason that exams are so hard is they remind us that we’re not perfect. It’s nearly impossible to make 100’s on every exam. Perhaps the lie of exams is that we could be perfect. The reality is, even if we get straight A’s, even if we get 100’s on everything, we’re still not perfect.  We still make mistakes, we still compare ourselves with others, we still struggle with shame, and we still wrestle with arrogance. That’s why one of our youth ministry values is brokenness. Because there is no prerequisite, no test we have to pass, no grade we have to get when it comes to God’s love. God wants who we are right now, today . . . not who we will become or who we used to be. God wants who we already are right now. What are the imperfections that stop you from receiving God’s love?  What are the unspoken social tests other people have to pass before you’ll offer God’s love to them? What would it be like if you received and offered love the way Christ offers it to us? God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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