Adam’s Devotional – December 21-27, 2017

 From Adam

How many “Keep Christ in Christmas” signs have you seen on the road recently?  There is a very real fear out there that consumerism and commercialization have captured Christmas . . . that Christmas is more about a boost in the economy than the birth of Jesus Christ in the world. However, there really isn’t any fear about consumerism holding advent hostage. Why? Because Advent is about waiting.  As Christians, we actually celebrate and practice waiting. A consumer culture is driven by the on demandspirit.  Advent is driven by a spirit of slow down and wait for it. Waiting is hard though. Waiting reminds us of what we don’t have yet. The good news of Advent is that baby Jesus is worth the wait. What are the places in your life where you are frantically allowing the on demand spirit to drive you?  What would it look like if you slowed down and practiced the spiritual discipline of waiting? Be forewarned, waiting can be dangerous. If you slow down, you might have fewer presents under the Christmas tree. You might not please as many people.  But, maybe the extra space under the tree is the place where Jesus will be born.  Maybe letting go of feeling responsible for other people’s happiness will make room for God’s pleasure. God’s up to something . . . wait for it.

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