Adam’s Devotional – February 15-21, 2018

From Adam

Proximity plus play prevents prejudice . . . probably. Think about it, walls between people come down when we play together. When you are holding hands playing red rover, you’re not thinking about what is better or worse about you compared to someone else; you’re just bracing for impact . . . hoping that your arm doesn’t come out of socket as this high school linebacker runs full speed right into your team’s line. Our youth ministry value statement reads: We are committed to be a Christ centered community marked by compassion, brokenness, grace, worship, mission, and play. Play is the practice of agendaless and imaginative communion with one another. In real play we enter in a grace filled, judgment free atmosphere where laughter and joy replace fear and judgment.  When is the last time you just played with your family?  When is the last time you felt vulnerable and free enough to just be silly?  What do you think of the idea that God is willing to be silly with us? The most vulnerable and hope filled question that children often say is “Do you want to play with me?” Who is asking you to play? God’s up to something . . . play. 

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