Adam’s Devotional- February 8-14, 2018

From Adam

Did you hear about that kid that made the varsity team as a freshman? The kid went to practice every week, was put on the starting lineup, but never showed up for a single game. That is what happens when we profess our Christian faith and go to church on a regular basis–but never participate in mission.  Our youth ministry value statement reads, “We are committed to being a Christ-centered community marked by brokenness, compassion, grace, worship, and mission”.  Mission means that we don’t just join the team; we actually play on the field. How have you gotten on the mission field lately? When’s the last time you felt the Holy Spirit nudging you to do something or say something, and you did it? When’s the last time you went out of you way to be with and for someone else? In the same way that God sent the Son into the world to reveal God’s love to us, God has sent you to reveal God’s love in your homes, schools, church, workplaces, and world. What could joining in Christ’s mission to reveal God’s love look like in your life. God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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