Adam’s Devotional – January 25-31, 2018

From Adam

Earn your grades.  Earn your reputation. Earn your job.  Earn your friends.  Earn your responsibilities.  Earn your spot on the team. Earn your popularity.  Earn your waist size.  Earn your worth. That’s the way our world works. But God turns that on its head. There is nothing you can do to earn God’s love, and there is nothing you can do to lose it.  You will never deserve it. It’s called grace.  Our youth ministry values statement starts like this: “We are committed to being a Christ Centered community marked by compassion, brokenness, and grace.  Grace means that God has already decided how God feels about you.  Do you believe that?  How would your life, your relationships, and your values transform if you lived in the reality of God’s grace? How would you live differently if you received God’s wild love for you and stopped trying to hustle for your own worthiness? Grace is God’s standing invitation to real and authentic relationship with God, yourself, and others. Will you say yes to that invitation, or will you keep frantically trying to earn it? God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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