Adam’s Devotional – July 12-18, 2018

From Adam…

Remember when the responsible adult in your life first taught you the difference between wanting and needing? “Do you need it, or do you just really want it?” To which we all replied, YES! Number 10 of 10 is Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife . . . No this is not one of those commandments that only applies to those neighbors who are married.  “Wife” can be replaced with any possession. (#women’ssuffrage) What in the world does “covet” mean?  Basically, coveting is everything that modern day marketing is trying to get you to do.  When you see an advertisement, you see someone else with a certain product. You covet that product, see that it’s only $9.99, and you go out and buy it if you can. If you can’t, you go into debt to get it. If credit card debt has any connecting with coveting, then it is safe to say that the developed world may have a coveting problem. What do your friends, family, and neighbors have that you want?  When’s the last time you heard yourself say,  “I wish I had their phone, car, house, life, job, or significant other?”  Yes, the song, “Jesse’s Girl” is a song about coveting.  Coveting takes the place of gratitude. Coveting replaces a thankful spirit with entitlement and ingratitude.  Coveting atrophies our grateful hearts and convinces us that something will satisfy us. The good news is that someone will satisfy us, and we have been given that someone in Jesus Christ. God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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