Adam’s Devotional – July 26 – August 1, 2018

From Adam…

Some people say that fear is the opposite of faith.  Here’s what Maggie McConnell said about that in her Youth Sunday sermon this past May:
“One constant we cling to is the feeling of uncertainty that [fear] foster[s] in all of us. Sometimes it really just feels easier to want to stay at the top of the [rappelling] wall and to not even consider turning around and taking the plunge. Sometimes, it feels easier to cling to our ever-present fear than to trust that God will fight every battle for us. But, we must understand that God isn’t necessarily going to fight our battles the way we would. In fact, most times, the fight is going to look totally different than what we expect. And truthfully, all sorts of walls loom over our hearts and minds every day with the fear based [uncertainty], but the best news of all​ is that the Lord is going to be there every time, saying “fall on” truly and endlessly, and we must only promise to trust and keep still.” God’s up to something.  Be a part of it!

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