Adam’s Devotional – July 5-11, 2018

From Adam…

The truth revealed in Christ, risen and crucified, is that we now know that God is way too busy loving us to be disappointed (see Father Gregory Boyle). How often do we believe that truth and how often do we believe the terrible lie that God doesn’t love us or that we have to earn God’s favor?  Number 9 of 10 is thou shall not bear false witness. Again, it is another one that is straight forward.  Tell the truth. Don’t lie. But even though it sounds simple, it’s so hard to do.  What lies do we tell about ourselves?  What lies do we tell about one another?  Why do we lie?  Is it because we don’t want to wait to discern the truth?  Do we lie because the truth about who God is and who God says we are is so unbelievable?  Or maybe we lie because it’s just easier, and we don’t have to deal with the anxiety of feeling ourselves in suspense and incomplete (see Pierre Tielhard de Chardin).  Whatever the reason, God calls us to the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable, inconvenient, and unbelievably hope-filled.
God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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