Adam’s Devotional – March 21-27, 2019

From Adam…

If you could solve the problem of hunger in the world by turning stones into bread, would you do it?  Ever wonder what Jesus would do? The devil tempted him to turn stones into bread.  Why didn’t he do it? Instead of making bread, Jesus responded, we do “not live on bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” If all Jesus wanted to do was feed us, then he would have taken the devil up on that offer.  That is why it’s ironic that we are fed by Jesus every time we receive communion.  This bread is my body broken for you.  But God does not feed us the body and the blood of Christ simply to satisfy our hunger. God did not put on on flesh and walk among us in Jesus Christ merely to put food in our mouths. God came in order to be with and for us, so that we could be with and for God and with and for each other. Do you ever wish God would just take care of our immediate needs instead of seeking relationship with us? How often do we want less than God gives?  When God says to us, “I give you all of Myself in Jesus Christ”, do we ever respond with, “That’s nice God, but I’d settle for a good GPA or a promotion?”  The thing is, God wants to offer us true and lasting satisfaction, not temporary “in the moment” satisfaction.  The only way that happens is through a dynamic and intimate relationship with God. Maybe that’s why many people fast during Lent– to remind themselves that God has more for us than just food. Maybe Lent invites us to feel uncomfortable and to wonder about what we truly hunger and thirst for instead of silencing our craving for life with something that doesn’t actually satisfy or sustain. God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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