Adam’s Devotional – May 17-23, 2018

From Adam…

What are the idols in your life? What are you worshiping that is not God? Success? Popularity? Likes? Relationships? Social media? How have you made God in your image?  What would it look like if you allowed God to form you in the image of the Divine instead of imaging God in yours? Number 2 of 10: “Thou shall not make for yourself an idol.” What in the world does that mean? Two things:  First we don’t make an image of God. God makes us in God’s image. We don’t make God in ours, but we are always tempted to do so. We were not made to love, worship, or serve a God we made. We were made to enjoy the One who made us. Second, left to our own devices, we are like little idol factories.  It’s almost as if our default is set to make something we can know and understand to worship. We make a god for ourselves that is on our side, that agrees with our opinions, and sees life from only our own perspective. How can you allow the way you see the world to be transformed by the God that no idol can hold or contain? God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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