Adam’s Devotional – May 2-8, 2019

From Adam…

It’s Easter!  Did you think Easter was just one day?  Think again. It’s actually longer than Lent.  Lent is 40 days, but the season of Easter is 50 days long. We intentionally celebrate the resurrection longer than we prepare for it. Technically, we’re currently in the second week of Eastertide. Do you know where the disciples went after the first day of the first Easter? According to the gospel of John, they went back to what they were doing before they met Jesus. They went fishing. They went back to the way things were before Jesus. They didn’t know how to be Easter people. Then Jesus showed up on the beach, and he invited them to a fish breakfast.  Seriously, look in John 21. Have you gone back to the way things were before Jesus? How is your life different now because of Jesus? Nashville is pretty much land-locked, so Jesus won’t surprise you with breakfast on the beach. But where would you like Jesus to show up? When the disciples saw Jesus on the beach, they didn’t recognize him. Could it be that just like the disciples, you have a hard time recognizing Jesus? If you ran into Christ in the hallway at school, in your car, on the practice field, when you’re brushing your teeth, at work, when you get up in the morning, or in the middle of math class, what do you think Jesus would say?  What would you want to hear from the risen Christ? God’s up to something . . . it’s still Easter!

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