Adam’s Devotional – May 31-June 6, 2018

From Adam…

Is it weird that “keep the Sabbath” is on the same list as “do not murder”?  Is it weirder that receiving Sabbath is in the top 5 while not killing is just top 10? What’s the big deal? Isn’t it just a day off? Number 4 of 10 is remember the Sabbath and keep it holy . . . In Genesis, the first Sabbath is the seventh day of creation–the day God finished.  Funny thing, God doesn’t actually do any work on the Sabbath. God just rests WITH creation. What we see on the first Sabbath is a God who chooses to be in intimate relationship with creation and not to be separate from it. Sabbath is the day we set aside to remember that God freely chooses to be with us. It’s a day we intentionally remember God’s love and grace. When you practice Sabbath, you are literally practicing receiving God’s grace. On this day we remember and celebrate what God has already done. When’s the last time you practiced Sabbath? How often do you practice receiving God’s grace and love? How often do you practice receiving judgement and self-hate? This week pick a day to intentionally remember and receive the grace of a God who wants to be with us. Here are some ideas of how you could keep Sabbath this week:   Go on a solo hike with God with your phone off. Take 5 to 10 minutes and write down where you’ve seen God in the past week. Unplug from all social media for the whole day. Unplug completely from technology for twelve hours. God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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