Adam’s Devotional – November 1-6, 2018

From Adam…

Will that bridge fall apart?  Does it have integrity? Are you the same person when no one is looking? Do you have integrity?  Integrity both holds together and remains consistent regardless of context. So what does our youth mission statement mean when we talk about being Godly women and men of integrity? It means that our faith doesn’t fall apart at the first sign of doubt, tragedy, or questions. It means that we are so transformed by the Holy Spirit that we are consistently and increasingly ourselves (beloved children of God) and not who society, friends, or even family tell us we need to be. How are you doing with your doubts and questions about God?  How are you doing with the issues of pain and suffering coexisting with a loving God? When’s the last time you brought those questions up with a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or small group leader? What about you and the Holy Spirit? How much time are you spending in prayer? When’s the last time you just sat in the dynamic, wild stillness of God’s love for you? Integrity is not something you just have; it’s something that builds and grows in you. It’s something you grow into as you live this life of faith.  Integrity is a gift God gives as you go deeper in your relationship together. What would it look like if you put yourself in a position to receive that gift?  God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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