Adam’s Devotional – November 22-29, 2018

From Adam…

Thanksgiving is the most Christian holiday.  No, not the Pilgrims and the Native Americans sitting down for turkey dinner, the idea of celebrating gratitude. Remember what Karl Barth wrote: grace evokes gratitude like the voice and echo, gratitude follows grace like thunder follows lightning . . . only gratitude can correspond to grace. Gratitude is our faithful response to God’s over the top generosity to us in Jesus Christ. The opposite of gratitude is entitlement: the idea that we deserve what we have and then some. Ingratitude is at the heart of our choice to separate ourselves from God and one another. What are you taking for granted in your life?  When’s the last time you thanked God for breathing? When’s the last time you listened to each heart beat as a rhythmic gift of God? This week is Thanksgiving. Many of us will sit at tables surrounded by family, friends, and food. How many of the people sitting at that table do you take for granted? What would happen if you told them face to face how grateful you were for them?  Some of us will not be with family and friends, and our hearts will ache and long to be with them. Why is it that it’s easy to be grateful for something when it’s no longer there? Why is it sometimes true that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone? This Thanksgiving, don’t just savor the turkey, but soak up the gratitude of those you’ve been with before, those you are with now, and those God may be bringing you to be with in the future. God’s up to something . . practice gratitude.

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