Adam’s Devotional – November 8-14, 2018

From Adam…

Did you know that life didn’t start when you were born? There was, before you, a beginning.  And there will be an after you, eventually, an ending. When you were born, you joined in what was already happening. Scripture tells us that that Christ was in the beginning, and Christ will be at the ending. The fancy way of saying it is that Christ is the alpha (beginning) and the omega (ending). We are a part of bigger story: the Christ story. We join in the Christ story. That’s why our youth ministry mission statement says that we want to “join in Christ’s transforming work”. The story of Christ is one that is happening right now. What does it mean to join in the story that God has written in Christ? Christ’s story can be summed up in two words: Reconciliation and Revelation.  Christ is in the business of reconciling us to God, to ourselves, and to one another. How is Christ inviting you to be a part of creating, offering, and sharing reconciling peace with yourself, others, and God? Maybe it is accepting a part of yourself you’re embarrassed about? Maybe it is by forgiving someone you’ve been resenting? Maybe it is accepting for the first or the 300th time, God’s never stopping always and forever over the top love for you? What about revelation? Revelation means revealing, uncovering, showing what has been previously hidden. Christ reveals who God is and calls us to do the same. You are called to reveal God. Think about that. When people see you, because of Christ, they could see God. How are you revealing God’s presence and love to the world?  What would that even look like? Have you ever asked God to be revealed through you?
God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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