Adam’s Devotional – October 4-11, 2018

From Adam…

You didn’t choose God. God chose you.  You didn’t pick God. God picked you. We are defined first and foremost by God’s choice for us. God comes to us again and again, surrounds us with creation, runs out to meet us in Jesus Christ, and says, “I loved you first, and I will love you last.” That’s why the youth ministry mission statement reads engage 100% of the youth–because that’s what God does.  God engages all of us. God seeks all of us out.  God seeks us in the Garden, God encounters us in Abraham, God frees us from Egypt, God puts on the garment of human flesh in Jesus Christ, Christ descends into Hell to be with us, and God seeks us out through the Holy Spirit every new day. God is not concerned with proving God’s existence. God is concerned with tearing down any dividing wall we put up, coming to us, and being with us.  Over and over, again and again, God comes to us, creates relationship with us, and loves us. You didn’t choose God; God chose you. What would it look like if you chose God back? What would it look like if you said yes to God’s yes to you today? What would it look like if you said yes to God’s yes to others today? God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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