Prayer Partner Breakfast 2016

We had so much fun at our annual Prayer Partner Breakfast! It is one of our favorite events in the youth ministry.  We love being able to gather the adults and youth prayer partners for a time of fellowship and prayer together! Please check out our pictures above to get a little taste of what our morning was like!

Crud Day 2016

We LOVED welcoming our 7th Graders into the Youth Ministry through our annual CRUD DAY! The 8th Graders pulled out a win! Check out the slider of pictures to see all the fun!

Basketball Celebration

We gathered our FPC Youth Basketball participants and celebrated an excellent season! We enjoyed recapping some of the best moments of the season and some outstanding players!

7th and 8th Grade Ropes Course

The 7th and 8th graders got a chance to have fun fellowship over at the ropes course!

Divine Calling and Answering of Prayer Partners

Divine Calling and Answering of Prayer Partners

Jimmy Pickel got involved with the Prayer Partner Program after receiving a call, not a divine call just yet, but a phone call from an FPC youth leader. She explained what’s involved in being a prayer partner. “My first thought was just how great it is that my church has this type of program in place,” Jimmy said. “What an awesome idea!”

Frist Allen, now a junior, was informed of the Prayer Partner Program when he was new to the FPC youth program. “When I was in seventh grade, the opportunity was presented to join the Prayer Partner Program,” Frist said. Still, unaware what is involved, Frist’s mother asked him who his male role models were in the church community. “Jimmy Pickel was one of the first that came to mind,” he said. “I am glad we got to become partners and share this connect through Christ and prayer.” A few weeks later, Jimmy found out that Frist Allen was his prayer partner. “Having known Frist for a number of years and having the privilege to coach him in fifth and sixth grade football, I already knew Frist to be a super young man from a great family,” Jimmy said.

While these prayer partners came together through a bit of organizing and arranging by youth staff and volunteers, the divine calling transpires through the act of prayer. “Frist knows that I am there for him anytime,” Jimmy said. “He knows that I pray for him on a regular basis. I will email Frist before exams, big sporting events, or other special events to let him know that I am thinking about him and praying for him.” Jimmy added, “Frist is always great about responding and letting me know how things went on his exams or his game. The relationship is rewarding.” Jimmy’s efforts prove effective. “I am always pleasantly surprised by the random acts of kindness from Jimmy,” said Frist. “Sending me emails and texts when I really need prayer has been so great through the years.”

As the annual Prayer Partner Breakfast at the church nears, the December event offers a chance to reflect on the Prayer Partner Program and on the act of prayer. Frist explains, “Prayer is important to me because it is my main communication with God. I love praying several times a day, just to talk to Him about even the smallest thing.” He added, “The power of prayer between two or more individuals is the most powerful thing on this earth.”

Frist Allen points out one his favorite verses, “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven” (Matthew 18:19). “The prayer partner program is a reflection of this.”

Crud Day: Knockerball Edition

We held our first annual Crud Day: Knockerball Edition a few weeks ago! We had a great time welcoming the 7th Graders into the Youth Ministry with shaving cream and Knockerballs!

Red Carpet Kick Off- Fall Kick Off 2015

Late August, we held our annual Fall Kick Off. This year we kicked off the youth ministry with a Red Carpet Kick Off!  We had lots of fun seeing what was in store for the FPC youth this year!

Senior Banquet


April 20th, we got the opportunity to honor our current Seniors and their parents at the Senior Banquet.  The night was full of fun memories, thank yous, and sweet blessings from the parents to their children as the Seniors head off into their next chapter of life. We are so grateful for this group of kids and we sure are going to miss having them around next year!

seniors with parents

Prayer Partner Breakfast

Sunday December 7th we held our annual Prayer Partner Breakfast in the Enrichment Center.  This morning provided a sweet time of fellowship and prayer for both new and old youth/adult prayer partners!  We are truly humbled and love how the Lord chooses to blesses both the youth and adult through this Prayer Partner program!

Cal Bryan PPB 2014

Camille Patton PBP 2014

Tess Myers PPB 2014

Cooper Knestrick PPB 2014

Evan Hill PPB 2014

Mary Haden Pickel PPB 2014

PPB 2014 Jori Graeff

Fall Kick Off

On September 7th, we we held our 2014 Fall Kick Off in Lego Land! The FPC youth and their parents  were informed of our 10:24 groups, basketball league,  class trips, spring break, mission trips, and so much more! Everything is Awesome in the FPC youth group!!










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