Weekly Devotional- March 15-21, 2018

Weekly Devotional:
(excerpt from Mary Caroline Carney’s devo)

I have still found that it is much easier for us as humans to ask for forgiveness than it is for us to be forgiving ourselves.  Often, we get caught up in the idea that hte person in need of forgiveness is someone that does not deserve our forgiveness.  We feel that the sin that this person has done to hurt us is not equivalent to any sin we have done ourselves. Sometimes, it is hard to forgive others because they refuse to forgive us.
But through this prayer, God charges us as Christians to forgive, even when it is hard and goes against how we may feel.  When we are able to forgive others, we experience the ultimate good news truth that God is all-forgiving and merciful to everyone.
If God can forgive all 7 billion people on the planet for sinning so much every single day, we as followers of Christ can afford to show grace and forgiveness to people when they sin against us.  By God’s grace, we have the ability to forgive and to love others in the way that God does.
So, the next time your find yourself in a situation where you are not wanting to forgive someone, try and forgive.  But you don’t have to forget the way you felt about the situation.  Use it to be gracious and merciful to others in the future. God is up to something… be a part of it.

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