Weekly Devotional – March 8-14, 2018

Weekly Devotional…

You know that smell of fresh bread being made?  I can always tell when there’s a Subway within walking distance by catching even the slightest whiff of baking bread.
There’s something about that smell that brings excitement, even if we know that we’re not actually going to eat at Subway. Just knowing that it’s there, our bodies and minds tell us it’s a good thing.
God acts the same way by giving us our “daily bread.”
When reading The Lord’s Prayer recently, these lines struck me in a way that they never had before. Similar to many people my age, I imagine, The Lord’s Prayer has always been something I was taught, not something that I paid attention to when saying it.
However as I dove into the actual verses of the prayer, it began to become more a prayer than a recitation.  Matthew 6:11 in particular, struck me, “give us this day our daily bread.”
God calls us every day to receive his gifts, be they physical ones, or more importantly, the spiritual gift that we get to call him our Father.  Each day God makes us anew, a gift more precious than any physical gift we could ever receive.
What’s so great about this prayer is that no matter what happened yesterday, or what happens today, we will always have God, and we will always have another day he gives us, be it here on earth or with him in Heaven.  The Lord’s Prayer is both a fact and a promise, encouraging us day by day.
By it, we are challenged each day to seek out both the gifts and the tests that it brings. So I encourage you and I encourage myself and I encourage everyone who will listen, to wake up each day and live with this fervent passion to find the “daily bread” that God provides.” God is up to something… be a part of it. 

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