Adam’s Devotional – February 16-22, 2017

From Adam … 

You never get better at something unless you practice it. But often we expect to be good at faith without practicing.  The HABITS are a way we practice faith. “H” stands for hang time with God.  “A” stands for accountability. “B” stands for Bible memorization. “I” stands for Involvement in the church.  “T” stands for Tithing.  “S” stands for Sabbath. Let’s talk about “H”.  Jesus had regular hang out time with God.  He spent time alone with God before he called the disciples, after he heard John the Baptist was killed, and before he was arrested and eventually taken to the cross.  In times of preparation, in times of great sadness, and in times requiring great courage, Jesus hung out with God.  When was the last time you simply hung out with God?  When was the last time you spent free agenda-less time . . . hanging out for the sake of hanging out with God?   Throughout scripture God is revealed as the God who is WITH us.  That means it is faithful for us to hang WITH God.  God is with us, and we’re called to be with God. This week I challenge you to spend 5 minutes, just 5 minutes, sitting in God’s presence with your cell phone off.  Not a deep-spiritual-I-gotta-have-real-serious-God-time 5 minutes.  Just a simple, non-anxious, hanging with God.  Close your eyes or don’t, do it outside or inside, go on a walk or sit still, do it in your car with the radio turned off or the windows rolled down, whatever you need to do to spend time with God. Do it.  God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

Adam’s Devotional – February 9-15, 2017

From Adam … 

What makes you a basketball player? Is it your knowledge of the rules?  Is it because you know everything about the history of the game? Maybe it is because the accuracy of your March Madness bracket is a force to be reckoned with every year? Is it that you have a basketball goal at your house? Maybe you wear one of those shirts that reads, “basketball is life”?  The truth is that none of those things make you a basketball player.  What makes you a basketball player is that you play the game.  You practice basketball.  How often do we think what makes us a Christian is our knowledge, the clothes we wear, and the big cross we have?  How often do we forget that what makes us a follower of the way of Christ is that we actually follow?  Do we forget that to practice Christianity we actually have to practice it?  It’s not hard for us to understand that you don’t get better at your layups unless you practice them.  Why is it so hard for us to think that we don’t get good at receiving and offering the love of God unless we practice it? For the next six weeks, we’ll be going over a Christian Practice acronym that may help us in receiving and offering God’s love.  It’s called the HABITS of Godliness.  Until next week, think about what you have been practicing.  What are the motions your soul goes through on a regular basis?  Are they movements of self-compassion and Christ-like love, or have you choreographed something else for your soul?
God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

9th Grade Ski Trip 2017

We had such a fun group of 9th Graders join us at Paoli Peaks in IN this past weekend! We skied, had great time of fellowship, time hearing God’s Word, and got to share our stories!

7th & 8th Grade Perfect North Ski Trip 2017

We had so much fun skiing with our 7th and 8th Grade students last weekend in Perfect North, IN!! Although, there wasn’t much snow- that did not stop us from having the time of our lives!

Mission Trip Stuff and Mail 2017

During Sunday School this past Sunday we had an opportunity to send out fundraiser letters for youth missions! We loved having all the youth together for a time of fellowship and prayer for what the Lord has in-store for the upcoming mission trips!

2017 Barefoot Republic 5K Run

We had so much fun on celebrating Martin Luther King Day at the 3rd annual 5K 4 MLK! We had a few youth come join us for the big day! All the proceeds from the event will benefit Barefoot Republic Camp’s scholarship fund. As a commitment to socioeconomic diversity at their camp, they provide financial aid to at least 50% of our campers every summer. In 2017, Barefoot Republic Camp anticipates awarding over 1,500 campers with full and partial scholarships totaling more than $600,000. It was so exciting to see some FPC Youth participate and support the shared dream of Dr. King and Barefoot Republic Camp.

12th Grade Passion Trip

We had so much fun kicking off the New Year in Atlanta with some of our 12th Graders! The theme verse of the Passion Conference was:


— ISAIAH 26:8

Our students experienced fellowship, incredible teaching, and exploring their personal relationship with the Lord!

Prayer Partner Breakfast 2016

We had so much fun at our annual Prayer Partner Breakfast! It is one of our favorite events in the youth ministry.  We love being able to gather the adults and youth prayer partners for a time of fellowship and prayer together! Please check out our pictures above to get a little taste of what our morning was like!

10th Grade Fiery Gizzard- 2016

We had a great time with the 10th Graders this past weekend in Monteagle, TN hiking  and camping out on the Fiery Gizzard trail! We loved getting to unplug and spend quality time in the midst of the beautiful Fall leaves and each other! Check out some pictures from our trip!

Crud Day 2016

We LOVED welcoming our 7th Graders into the Youth Ministry through our annual CRUD DAY! The 8th Graders pulled out a win! Check out the slider of pictures to see all the fun!

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