10th Grade Class Trip

November 8-9 we set out for a hiking/camping trip with our tenth graders. We hiked a great, rocky four and a half miles of Fiery Gizzard to be met at the top by three or four other groups of campers. After setting up tents, sending one group for water and one group for firewood, and making a delicious rice and chicken dinner, we settled around an awesome campfire for s’mores, conversation, and plenty of laughs. There’s just something about time away from technology, homework, even light, that makes for great space to listen. That night we listened to and for things we don’t normally listen to and for: the sound of a fire anyone would be proud of, coyotes singing their night songs (far away from our campsite), a still small voice, and the incredible wonderings of tenth graders taking a breath of fresh air with nowhere to be. We started our journey back the next morning with a thirty minute silent hike. Afterward, the conversation picked back up right where it’d left off- conversations about school, family, work, homework, things to be done when we got back to Nashville. And in listening to that, I was reminded all the more of the importance of taking time away to listen. Otherwise, the busyness of life surely threatens to fill that space with noise. We, as much as our students, need to be reminded that God still speaks, still breathes life anew. It just depends on what we are listening for. – Ashley Higgins


fiery gizzard

fiery gizzard campfire

fiery gizzard 7

fiery gizzard 4

john fiery gizzard

fiery gizzard 3

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