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While the Passion Conference in Atlanta is a weekend geared towards college-age students, six FPC seniors attended with staff for a long weekend of worship, sermons, and fellowship.  What can we say, we’re pretty advanced around here.  This year, the conference featured worship led by Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Kristian Stanfill, and Matt Redman, and sermons by John Piper, Francis Chan, Carl Lentz, and Ben Stuart.  The FPC group joined over 20,000 other students during the large group sessions, and had the opportunity following each session to meet with their “family group” of 8-10 people for reflection and fellowship.  – Scott and Anna

In the words of some of the girls on the trip,

“Passion was unreal.  There’s 20,000 college students worshipping Jesus in one room…how can he not be real?  The theology and beauty that I experienced on this trip has changed my entire outlook on faith.  Jesus got to me this weekend, and he used Passion as a highway for that.  I would go back tomorrow if I could.” ~ Allie Robison

“It was a powerful demonstration of how, quite literally, AWEsome our God is.  Hearing from celebrity pastors was wonderful, but the most memorable moment of the trip was when the band cut out and left us 20,000 kids singing, “oh how I love you Jesus, oh my soul rejoice.” The sound of so many voices being lifted to the Lord gave me goosebumps, and as I looked around the arena, it was so encouraging as a senior about to head off to college to get to see so many college students who have successfully kept their faiths strong.”  ~Madison Shirey


“Passion was an amazing experience because I got the opportunity to worship among 20,000 other believers and then also to meet with a family group of 8 other youth from around the country to process the experience and the information being presented to us.”  ~Joslyn Andrews


“Attending Passion 2015 gave me a renewed passion for Christ and allowed me to meet and spend a weekend with some amazing Christian role models.” ~ Elise LaGrone


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