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Adam’s Devotional – May 25-31, 2017

From Adam

Hannah Hayes preached on Philippians 3 a few weeks ago at Youth Sunday.  She shared with the congregation that we “can’t take shortcuts when it comes to deep relationship with God.” Paul uses the word strain in reference to the way we pursue deep personal connection with God. Hannah pointed out the shortcuts and straining are pretty much polar opposites. When you think about the way you pursue intimacy with God, does the word strain come to mind?  Prayer, Bible Study, and participation in the church were three ways that Hannah offered for us to strain toward God.  What is your prayer life like right now?  When was the last time you strained toward God in prayer?  Are you a part of a Bible study?  When was the last time you strained toward God through wrestling with scripture? Hannah said that being part of a community that strains toward God together has had the biggest impact on her faith life.  Who are you straining with? Hannah pointed out that when we avoid shortcuts and strain to take hold of God for ourselves, we realize that God has already taken hold of us.  That’s good news.  God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

Adam’s Devotional – May 18-24, 2017

From Adam…

When is the last time you heard someone say something like, “man, they are so wild”? Who are the people in your life you call wild?  What kind of things do wild people do?  When is the last time you saw the way someone was loving God and loving others and said, “they are so wild”? On youth sunday, Baker Blevins charged the congregation to be wild and adventurous in their faith. He assured the congregation that there’s a reason we long for full, passionate, sometimes wild and adventurous lives.  He reminded us that we are made in the image of God and God is wild.  We long for passionate relationships because God is passion.  We long for full life because God is full life.  How often do we think of God as tame?  Have you been trying to tame God or are you being transformed into a wild participant in God’s adventurous mission in the world?  What’s one wild thing you could do for you faith this week.  How wild would it be if you defended someone that people were ripping on?  How wild would it be if you got your family to be hosts for a refugee family in Nashville?  How wild would it be if you spent 5 minutes every morning talking with God? How wild would it be if you read a Psalm a day in the lunchroom or courtyard of your school? How wild would it be if you asked your parents, friends, teachers, or pastor how you could be praying for them?  Baker charged the congregation to bold as lions in their faith. What would it look like if you lived out your faith in way that other people would see it and say, “man, you’re wild.” God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

Adam’s Devotional – May 11-17, 2017

From Adam…

On Youth Sunday this past week,  Helen Riley Lazenby preached on Philippians 3. She invited the congregation to think about what it means to be an enemy of God.  Paul writes “For many live as enemies of the cross of Christ.”  Helen Riley asked, “What would it mean for us to be enemies of God?  As if God were Alabama, and we were Auburn?”  She shared Paul’s description of Christ’s enemies, “their God is their belly.”  She interpreted this wisely, saying, “When God is in our bellies, we are serving ourselves, not the Lord . . . They delight in things they should be ashamed of.” Helen challenged all of us, pointing out that when we idolize things like success, possessions, and influence, we become enemies of God.  She argued that we will be enemies of Christ so long as we think we do not need God.  Using Paul’s language, she shared that we need to be transformed from enemies of Christ to citizens of Christ’s kingdom. “We alone are not enough. All power rests in God, and nothing on earth can come close to matching it. As soon as we realize these things, our transformation has begun.”  Have you made that first step?  Have you recognized that you can’t do this life and faith thing on your own? Have you put that realization into practice?  Are you living as an enemy, or are you being transformed into citizens of Christ’s Kingdom?  Helen Riley shared, “The good news is that God has the power to transform us.”  God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

Adam’s Devotional- May 4- May 10, 2017

From Adam

I handed them sheets of paper and asked them to write down a question that they wanted to ask God.  They all thought for a moment and then silently wrote their question at the top of their paper.  I told them to take the paper home, look at it every day, and pray the question to God every day.  . . . A week later, we gathered back together, and they all brought their questions with them.  We spent a few moments in prayer, and then I asked them to write down what they thought God was saying.  This was my question: “God, are you really there?”  This was the response I got: “No. . . . I’m right here– with you.  Stop looking for me out there, and see me right here with you.”  The students had equally if not more profound responses from God.  Do you recognize, do you remember, that God is with us? Where are you looking for God? Have you looked right there with you?
God’s up to something . . . Be a part of it.

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