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Adam’s Devotional – November 30- Dec 6, 2017

From Adam

When was the last time you were at a middle school dance? It often begins the same way.  All the guys are on one side, and all the girls on the other. Eventually, one brave soul walks across the dance floor to ask for a dance- much like emperor penguins who push each other into the water see if there are sharks. If the water’s fine, they all jump in. If the two begin dancing, then eventually the room is transformed from awkwardness incarnate to the whip and nae nae.  Something similar takes place in our relationship with God.  We stand fearfully and awkwardly away from God, and God boldly and bravely walks across the dance floor in Jesus Christ and invites us to dance.  This dance transforms us from being separate and alone to being in fun and loving transformative choreography with Christ. This is why our mission statement strives for sending out young people “who will join in Christ’s transforming work”– it might as well say “dance”.  What would it look like if you danced with God this week?  What would it look like if you joined in the transformational power of being caught up in the loving joyful movement of the Holy Spirit?  God is dancing . . . be a part of it.

Adam’s Devotional – November 23-29, 2017

From Adam

What’s the why behind what you are doing?  Seriously, why do you go to work? Why do you go to school?  Why do you play sports? Why do you make money?  Why do you have a phone?  Why do you use snapchat?   Why do you work out?  What’s the core reason behind all that you do?  What is the why?  The why of the youth ministry at First Pres starts with this phrase: “to send them out as Godly women and men”. The reason we want young people to come to church, the reason we want people to go on ski trips, mission trips, and go to Bible studies is so we can send them back out. The Christian community is the sent community. The why of our youth ministry is for all of us, youth, parents, volunteers and pastors to recognize the core of our identity as one who is sent.  You have been sent by God for God’s purposes. Do you believe that God sent you to your school?  Do you believe that God sent you to your family?  Do you believe that God sent you to your job? What would change . . . what would be different if you did?  God’s up to something . . . Be a part of it.

Adam’s Devotional- November 16-22, 2017

From Adam

Professional athletes and artists talk about being in the zone.  Others talk about being in the flow. It’s that moment when you’re at play or at work, and you’re on fire.  You have hyper-focus, hyper-awareness and you’re just crushing it. That ever happen to you? There is a phrase kind of like that in our youth ministry mission statement: being “in Christ.” Being “in Christ” is kind of like being in the flow of our faith. “In Christ, is an incredibly profound prepositional phrase with deep theological significance. Scripture attests that the “fullness of God was in Christ” and “in Christ we are a new creation.” When we are in Christ we are who we are called to be; we are the people God is forming us to become; and we are simultaneously able to receive and offer God’s grace and love for ourselves, others, and then back to God. When was the last time you were filled with God’s grace?  When was the last time you were aware of your shame and at the same time aware of your deep worthiness in God’s love?  When’s the last time you saw someone you typically judge, and you were able to step into the flow of God’s already forgiveness of you and them? When’s the last time you were surprised by being in Christ. God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

Adam’s Devotional- November 9-15, 2017

From Adam

You cannot be the person God calls you to be without others. Perhaps one of the greatest temptations of this life is to believe the lie that you have to do it alone.  Sure, many of us would say we need each other, but how many of us actually live that way?  Think about it.  How often are we measured on how we do as a community? GPAs, bank accounts, and how much we weigh our individual rubrics our culture uses for success and marketing all the time. We even try to individualize team sports.  Think about fantasy football. The Greek ἀλλήλων is translated one another.  It is used almost 100 times in the New Testament.  God has called us together. God has given us each other. That’s why our mission statement says “teach and train alongside . . .” We know we are called to live this life of faith alongside one another. When’s the last time you told someone how you were really doing and asked them to pray for you?  When was the last time you told someone what you really needed, not so they could fix it, but just so they could be with you in it? When is the last time you texted someone and asked how you could pray for them? What’s holding you back?
God’s up to something . . .  be a part of it.

Adam’s Devotional – November 2-8, 2017

From Adam

“The youth ministry of First Presbyterian Church seeks to engage 100% of the youth … ” You gotta be kidding me. There are over 300 students in our youth ministry. Why 100%? We seek to engage 100% because that’s what God is already doing. God seeks every one of us out. When was the last time you felt engaged by God?  The last time you felt sought after? The last time you felt wanted? God wants us because God loves us, and is dying to be in relationship with us. That’s what God was up to on the cross: dying to love us.  God wants 100% of us right now, today.  God doesn’t wait until we get it, or until we’re ready, or until we deserve it. No. God seeks us out now. God has already said yes to us in Jesus Christ. It is our task to respond yes to God’s yes to us. That’s why we seek to engage 100% because God engages 100%. What gets in the way of saying yes to God’s yes? How has God engaged you through the church or friends or others, and how have you missed it? How is God inviting you to engage others? What would it look like if you loved others with the same wild yes that God loves us with? God’s up to something . . .  be a part of it.

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