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Adam’s Devotional – June 28-July 4, 2018

From Adam…

When’s the last time you robbed, cheated, or stole form someone?  Number 8 of 10 is thou shall not steal. This is pretty straight forward. Don’t take what does not belong to you. Don’t shoplift. Don’t cheat to get ahead. But have you ever stolen someone’s answers to a test?  What about presenting someone else’s homework as your own?  What about stealing from each other figuratively?  God has given to us our identity as beloved children of God. How do we try to steal our identity? — taking it instead of receiving it.  How do we take it from others?   – -stealing their stories and gossiping about them as if they were our stories to tell.  The good news of the Gospel is that we can never steal from God because God has already given us everything.  What would it look like if we stole less and received more? God’s up to something.  Be a part of it.

Adam’s Devotional – June 21-27, 2018

From Adam… 

What if you’re not married?  Do the 10 commandments assume that everybody is married?  Number 7 of 10 is Thou shall not commit adultery. So, is it 10 commandments for married people and 9 for those with no legal life partner? Again, Jesus takes it a step further in the Sermon on the Mount, saying that even if you look at another person lustfully you commit adultery in your heart. It seems like Jesus is saying that when a person shifts from being a person to an object or a thing, then we are committing adultery. When someone is seen not for who they are but what they can do or provide . . . when they become a product to be consumed, could that be adultery? Could it be that we a committing adultery whenever we are using people? Are we committing adultery when we refuse to be in faithful person to person relationships with other people? When is the last time you looked at someone as a product rather than a person? When is the last time you forgot that those around you are made in the image of God? What would it look like if you interacted with those around you as opportunities to encounter the image of God?  God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

Adam’s Devotional – June 14-20, 2018

From Adam… 

Rip, roast, burn, and tear down are just a few of the words we use to describe making fun of each other.  In some groups it’s a sport: the better you rip, the better you are.  The fact that we use these words means we intuitively know that we are breaking others down rather than building them up when we have fun at another’s expense.  Even that phrase, “another’s expense” is significant. The ripping victim is the one paying for it, and the ripping perpetrator is the one enjoying it. Number 6 of 10 is thou shall not murder. When we hear that, we think, “easy . . . not often tempted to kill someone.”   In the Sermon on the Mount,  Jesus takes it a step further and calls us to not even call each other cruel names like “Raca.”(Matthew) How often are we killing others with our words?  How often are we killing others by what we text or send?  We have a choice in every relationship we are a part of.  We can be a part of life, or we can be a part of death. We can be a part of building people up or tearing others down.  Which one do you think God is up to?  God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

Adam’s Devotional – June 7-13, 2018

From Adam…

The 10 commandments don’t say, “Obey thy father and mother.” Number 5 of 10 is “Honor thy father and mother.” It’s true, honor and respect can often times take the shape of obedience, but they are not the same thing. We honor our parents by taking care of them when they can’t take care of themselves. It’s easy to imagine what this looks like when our parents get very old. Visit them, maybe let them live with us, bathe them if necessary, help them get dressed, be a part letting them live the final chapters of life with dignity and joy, etc. But how do we honor our parents when they are still raising us? For starters, we can be in relationship with them. Parents have a story, they have hopes and fears, successes and failures, pet peeves and favorites, and they have it to share with us if we will honor them by asking. When was the last time you asked one of your guardians the first time they experienced God?  What about their favorite band or song? How about their first kiss (gross maybe)?  Part of honoring thy father and mother means being in relationship with them.  God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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