Adam’s Devo for January 28, 2021

From Adam:

The worst part about being the last one picked is that you’re actually not even picked. You’re left over. Neither team really wants you, but they’ll take you because they have to. That’s the best case scenario if you have an even number of players. Time and time again, scripture describes that God picks us. We are adopted. We are chosen. We are called. In Mark 3 Jesus goes up on a mountain and calls those he wants, and they come to him. Sit with that for a second. You are wanted. You are picked. God doesn’t call you because God has to, God calls you because God wants you. Why? Mark names a list of reasons for why Jesus calls those he wanted. You know what’s at the top of that list? You know what’s so important that it comes before all the others? It’s really simple. To be with Jesus. Jesus wants to be with you. You are called, chosen, adopted, because God has decided to be with you. Take a few moments today, resting in the gratitude of the reality that you are called, chosen and wanted by God. Take some time today, and just be with Jesus. God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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