Adam’s Devo for March 18, 2021

From Adam

Jesus is in the resurrection business. When all hope is lost, Jesus makes a way. There is nothing more final than death. We’ve all experienced the pain of this reality. And yet, the tomb stands empty! Death has lost its sting. We make this affirmation, knowing the war has been won, but with skirmishes still happening. Word of victory is still to reach the outermost fields of conflict.

Jesus, in the middle of our passage, is standing in front of a fig tree that he earlier cursed. It has shriveled away to its roots. It might as well be cut for firewood. “Have faith in God,” Jesus says. The best is still to come. The story of the tree is not yet finished. The story of Israel’s rebellion still isn’t finished. The story of our own battered lives is not yet in its final act!

We can have more than an appearance of something being beyond hope, even our own lives or the lives of those we love. Like the phoenix rising out of the ashes, so too our Lord Jesus will be at the front of a parade of that which did not merely appear dead, but was actually dead, march-ing forth from death to life.

God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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