Adam’s Devo from February 4, 2021

From Adam

When Jesus calls his disciples, he doesn’t call the best of the best. He doesn’t call the scholars and the experts. He calls the less educated fishermen. He doesn’t call the popular, upright influencer and policy maker, he calls the sinner and the tax collector. If you look at all the stories throughout scripture when God calls people, you’ll begin to see a pattern. God will call someone, and then they will tell God why that’s a bad idea. They will come up with legitimate excuses for why they are the wrong choice for the job. They will resist God’s call. What’s interesting about Jesus calling the disciples is that they don’t resist. When Jesus says, “Come and follow!”
they follow. What are the legitimate excuses you give for why Jesus shouldn’t call you? Why do you think you’re the “wrong” choice. The good news is that Christ knows about all those legitimate excuses, and he calls you anyway. Today, slow down and lean into Christ’s call on your life. When you hear Jesus say, “Come and follow me.” —follow.

God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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