Adam’s Devotional – April 11-17, 2019

From Adam
If you’re really the son of God, save yourself.  After the devil tempts Jesus the third time in the dessert, the devil leaves him, angels attend him, and Jesus begins his three years of ministry. Eventually, Jesus winds up on a cross. As he’s enduring a slow and painful death, he hears the fourth and final temptation. If you’re really the son of God, save yourself. And Jesus does something incredible . . . something unbelievable . . . something that 2,000 years have made normal. He stays on the cross.  He resists the fourth and final temptation and dies. That’s many people’s problem with Jesus. He dies. He doesn’t save everyone the way we want or expect. He’s not being the son of God we imagined.  He dies. He loses. He is totally exposed; his ministry has come to an end, and it’s over. Where are the places in your life that feel like failure? Where are the places in your life where you are totally exposed? And how do you feel about a God who loses?  Have you wanted God to be different or do things differently? Has God ever not done what you expected, imagined, or even wanted? God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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