Adam’s Devotional – August 15-21, 2019

From Adam…

Famous Theologian Ricky Bobby (comedian Will Ferrell in the movie Talladega Nights) once described God in this way: “Tiny baby Jesus in your tiny golden fleece diapers.” One of the paradoxes about God that we consistently miss is God’s choice to be vulnerable. Think about it, what could be more vulnerable than a “tiny baby Jesus”? We are far more comfortable with an all powerful removed God. We don’t know what to do with a God who chooses vulnerability, a God who risks and suffers for relationship. God chooses to suffer for us, in our place in some sense, but really and truly in order to vulnerably risk relationship with us. God has decided to be with us and for us and that means choosing to vulnerably be right alongside us. That’s what’s happening on the cross as well. A completely vulnerable and suffering God – human (in the person of Jesus Christ) arms stretched out, dying to love us. Why? God suffers because we suffer, and God consistently chooses to vulnerably go where we are, to seek us out, and to risk being with us, even if that means being with us in the place of our pain, shame, and hurt. The ironic thing about those places is that we can quickly convince ourselves that we are alone.  But that’s a lie.  We are not alone. God is with us and is not satisfied to leave us in places of death, but God takes us by the hand like a little child who wants to play, into places of resurrection and hope. God’s up to something . . . you are not alone.

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