Adam’s Devotional – August 20-26, 2020

From Adam…

Remember that time Jesus walked on water? Crazy, right!?! The funny thing is, in Mark’s gospel the disciples were straining at the oars on the boat because the wind was against them. They were trying to get somewhere they wanted to go, and it wasn’t working out.  So, what does Jesus do?  Jesus does what God does again and again throughout scripture.  Jesus makes a way where there was none before. He walks on the windy waters straight to them. When the disciples could not get to him, Jesus came to them. All they had to do was wait – slow down, stop straining at the oars, and wait. When the disciples saw Jesus, they were terrified.  Obviously, they were a little surprised to see Jesus walking on water. But that’s what God does. When we are stuck. when we are frustrated… when we are tired… when we are in the places that feel like God is absent… Christ comes to us. Or perhaps more accurately, when we stop straining… when we slow down… we wake up to the truth that Christ has already drawn near to us. When is the last time you were still and open to seeing Jesus walk over the rough waters of your life to be with you? The start of school in this pandemic feels like straining at the oars. Be still, and don’t be surprised to find Jesus coming to you. God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

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