Adam’s Devotional – August 8-14, 2019

From Adam…

It’s a slight semantic decision, but it’s an important one. The question is not, why does God make bad things happen?  The question is, why does God let bad things happen? Answers to those questions often fall short in providing hope, encouragement, or comfort to the bereaved, because we really don’t know the answer. What do we know? We know that God doesn’t take away our pain. God doesn’t numb the nerves of our soul. God is not a painkiller. So what does God do? What does God do with all of that divine power and glory?  What does God do with all of that creative and unfathomable strength? What good is God if our suffering and pain remain? WHAT ARE YOU DOING GOD? WHERE ARE YOU? Remember what Jesus prays from the cross, “My God My God why have you forsaken me?” Remember what Jesus says to the disciples “this is my body broken for you.” Remember what Jesus says after the resurrection. “I am with you, even to the end of the age.” What does God do?  God Joins us. God meets us in the midst of grief with tears that have been flowing long before ours began. That’s the miracle, that neither heights nor depths, nor things present nor things to come, nor life nor death can ever separate us from God’s presence and love. God’s grieving . . . be a part of it. 

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