Adam’s Devotional – December 3-9, 2020

From Adam…

Are you tired of waiting? Tired of masks? Tired of quarantines? Tired of waiting for this pandemic to be over only to watch it get worse? Our culture hates to wait in general. Throw a pandemic at it, and we’re in real trouble. And it’s in this season, this time of waiting fatigue that the season of Advent begins. Advent is all about waiting. We wait for the coming of Christ. We are invited to celebrate the very thing we are exhausted by. In Spanish the word esperar means to hope. It also means to wait. In Spanish you cannot hope without waiting. Advent is the season when our waiting is transformed in hoping as we anticipate the coming of Christ. Honestly, we need Christ to come more than we need covid to leave. What if this Advent, every time you wear a mask, every time you are annoyed or terrified by the pandemic getting worse, and every time you experience pandemic fatigue, you pray this prayer: Be born in my life, Lord Jesus.  Teach me to place all my hope in you. As we begin this season of Advent, celebrate and practice hope and wait for the coming of Christ in your life and in our world. God’s up to something . . . wait for it.

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