Adam’s Devotional – July 11-17, 2019

From Adam…

You can learn all kinds of facts about a person. You can know how tall a person is, their eye color, shoe size, what school they go to, where they work, where they were born, contact information, what they like to wear, etc. You could even learn stories about this person: tragedies, victories, or embarrassing moments. You stalk them on social media and find out even more than all that. But no matter how many factoids you find out about a person, no matter how many stories you know, you don’t really know them until you meet. Even after the first meeting you don’t really know them.  Some one said once that you need 17 hours of face time with a person before you can start to really know them. Perhaps that why God wants to be with us. Maybe God wants us to get to know each other. Ever wonder what God is like? Have you settled for ideas and facts about God instead of actually getting to know each other. Scripture tells that in Christ the fullness of God was pleased to dwell. Maybe that’s why the Christian faith stresses a personal relationship with Christ. When we get to know Jesus Christ, we get to know God truly in the flesh. If you calculated all the time you’ve spent spending one on one soul time with God, would it equal 17 hours? God’s up to something . . . be in relationship.

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