Adam’s Devotional – July 16-22, 2020

From Adam…

Would you rather always get what you want or always have someone who gets you? Seriously, what would you prefer?  If you had to choose between having the things you want, OR having a someone who really loves, understands, and gets you, what would you choose? It’s hard to decide. Think of all the anxiety that you wouldn’t have because you’d never be concerned with getting what you want. It’s tempting, isn’t it? Perhaps that’s what Adam and Eve were tempted by in the garden. They could have a God that gets them, or they could have the knowledge of good and evil. They, and we, often choose separation from God (sin) rather than saying “yes” to the God who gets us (communion). That “getting” is true in multiple ways. In Jesus Christ, God has come to get us. The Son has come to save us. We can say with Paul in the letter to the Philippians, “Christ has made me his own.” And there’s a second “getting” God has for us. In Christ, we encounter a God who is dying to love us. In Christ, God knows us, knows our needs, our hopes, joys, fears, doubts, and loves us still. What’s so amazing about grace is that God “gets” us in both ways. When we say “yes” to God’s getting, when we say “yes” to being got by God, inevitably we go where God goes. We are moved with the Holy Spirit to join in Christ’s continuing ministry in the world. What is stopping you from saying “yes” to a God who gets you? What if every time you felt frustrated or anxious for not getting what you want or need, you said “yes” to God in prayer?  When you’re in those places of worry or frustration or loneliness this week, try one of these prayers: Christ Jesus has made me his own, or God gets me. God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

God’s up to something . . . be a part of it. 

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