Adam’s Devotional – June 11-17, 2020

From Adam…

Here’s the lie: some lives matter more than others. That’s the lie that Pharaoh tells himself throughout the plagues in Exodus 9. In verse 17, God says to Pharoah, “you are still exalting yourself against my people and will not let them go.” Pharaoh isn’t just exalting the Egyptians over the Hebrews; he’s exalting himself and his will over God and God’s will. Again and again, God commands, and Pharaoh disobeys. Pharaoh practices hardening his heart toward the Hebrews and toward God. In chapter 9 we see Moses’ habit of obedience right alongside Pharaoh’s habit of hardening his heart. Pharaoh practices no empathy for the Hebrew people, no respect or recognition of their God, and he stubbornly holds tightly to his way of doing things as well as his worldview. God offers us opportunities to obey just like Moses offers Pharaoh. God offers us chances to let the Hebrew people go. If we practice obedience to God’s will, if we make a habit of saying “yes” to God’s invitations, then we will not be led by our preferences, norms, or worldview. Instead, we will be led by the living God. We will join in Christ’s continuing ministry of reconciliation in the world. We will be ambassadors of the kingdom of heaven rather than citizens of this one. God will use us to destroy the lie that some lives matter more than others. Pharaoh’s practice of saying “no” to God forms a habit that’s hard for Pharaoh to break. Even when his heart softens for a moment, his habit of selfish disobedience hardens his heart again. What has God been calling you to do again and again? How have you been practicing disobedience? What would it look like to practice saying “yes”? What would it look like for you to make a habit of saying “yes” to God’s love, God’s call, and God’s grace for you and those around you?

God’s up to something . . . be a part of it. 

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