Adam’s Devotional – June 18-24, 2020

From Adam…

Manna! The mysterious bread that God feeds the runaway Hebrew slaves when they are wandering in the desert. It’s so mysterious that the Hebrews actually call the bread, “what is it?”  That’s what the word “manna” means. Here’s how it worked. Every morning a thin flaky substance appeared on the surface of the ground. The Hebrews went out every day to collect it. If they tried to save some for the next day, it would go bad. Every seven days, God gave them a double portion, and the extra wouldn’t go bad. Manna taught the Hebrews how to depend more on who God is and what God does. Before Covid-19, it was easy to depend on our schedule; we could count on going to school, practice, or work every day. We could count on seeing people, hugging people, and high-fiving people. Covid-19 took all those things away. Now that things are opening up, we’re hanging out with friends, starting jobs, and even going to practices again. It’s easy to start depending on those things again. Who or what are you depending on? Who or what are you looking to for hope and joy? Manna taught the Hebrews how to start with what God provides every day. Are you gathering what God has given, or are you looking to something else? What would it look like if you started every day with gathering manna? God’s provision is mysterious.  Remember it’s called, “what is it?” This week try to begin every day with prayer. Offer God whatever thoughts and feelings are on your heart. Even if those thoughts are complaints. Then, open yourself up for what God has for you.  If you don’t hear anything, God is probably simply sitting there with you. That’s what our closest friends do. They know when the best thing is simply to sit and to be with us. God doesn’t solve the Hebrews’ problems for them. God makes a way for them to be in relationship every day. Maybe God’s doing the same with you. God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

God’s up to something . . . be a part of it. 

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