Adam’s Devotional – May 16-23, 2019

From Adam…

Two weeks ago, we had Youth Sunday. In case you missed it, here’s what Anne Earthman said: When you hear the phrase, “perfect harmony,” what do you think of? Where are you? Who is with you?  These people and memories elicit the same joy in our hearts that exists when we ‘clothe ourselves with love.’ My sense of perfect harmony is on the lake dock at my camp in Brevard, NC, with a few of my best friends, sitting with our feet in the slightly grimey lake water. We are laughing about our days and talking about ‘God moments’, and for me, it is in this place that I am at peace knowing I am loved and known in this world. Imagine a loving world like that. As God’s ‘chosen ones,’ we are called to love in this way–love our God, love ourselves, love our neighbors. We are called to live through acts of love that declare we are chosen. Love is hard sometimes. Christine Caine states that since God was brave enough to put His reputation in our hands, it is our job as chosen ones to love as His message proclaims. I wonder what it would look for our actions alone to proclaim our faith. I wonder what it would look like to love as God loves us, the ones whom He chose.

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