Adam’s Devotional – May 23 – May 29, 2019

From Adam…

Youth Sunday was three weeks ago. In case you missed it, here’s what Andrew Sutphin said:
“Colossians 3:12 tells us to ‘clothe ourselves with compassion kindness humility gentleness and patience.’ [Growing up], I felt like I was being “dressed” by other people in my faith. After sitting down with this verse for a while, I began to see that this feeling was not one I should be ashamed of, but one I should learn from. I began to see that learning in my faith was just something that had to happen as I grew up.  We are not bad Christians for needing help in our faiths, be it in our early years or as we mature. Sometimes, I can’t do it by myself, and I need help from the Christian figures in my life, my family, coaches, and church leaders, to make it through the day. As I’m sent to Auburn University next year, away from these familiar figures, I hope to find new people that will help me put on these Godly garments. Not only that, but I hope to do the same for those around me. We all must do the same because church with no community is no church. Who can we help put on the clothes of God? How can we do this? What gives us the urge to do this? What can we do to put on the clothes of God every single day?”

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