Adam’s Devotional – May 30-June 5, 2019

From Adam…

Do you know what the name Israel means? It means to fight or wrestle with God.  That’s the name God gives Jacob after they literally wrestle. Scripture isn’t clear about whether or not it’s an angel, a heavenly being, or God, but after their wrestling match, Jacob becomes Israel.  Have you ever thought about wrestling with God as a sign that you are doing something right in your faith? It’s easy to think that in order to do this faith thing “right” we should be at peace with God. We shouldn’t contend with or fight God.  But that’s exactly what the name Israel means. Perhaps God wants to be wrestled with. What are you wrestling with in your faith right now? What are the questions or ideas that are blocking you from experiencing relationship with God? Instead of allowing those things to block you, what would it look like if you put those questions in a headlock?  When Jacob is wrestling God, Jacob gets God in a hold and won’t let go. Eventually Jacob says, I will not let go until you bless me. What if we said that to our doubts? What if we said that to our questions? What if we said that to God? Maybe the life of faith we are called to live is not just one of constant clarity, peace, and blessed assurance.  Maybe God is calling us to wrestle, and not let go. God’s up to something . . . don’t let go.

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