Adam’s Devotional – September 12-18, 2019

From Adam…

We have so many questions. Why do bad things happen to good people? What is God’s plan? Who is going to heaven? What about people from other religions? What about science and the Bible? How can we do this whole faith thing when we have so many unanswered questions? When the runaway Hebrew slaves were in the dessert, God fed them bread from heaven.  Scripture tells us that the bread they ate was called manna.  Manna literally means, “what is it?”  They survived on “what is it?” for 40 years. Scripture never tells us that the Israelites ever figured out what manna was. It was always a mystery. It was always a question. It was always, “what is it?” And it sustained and fed them throughout all their wanderings in the wilderness. What if our questions were actually signs that we are on the road of faith rather than wandering off it?  What if our questions actually fed us? Could our questions nourish our souls the same way manna nourished the Hebrew people in the dessert? What are the questions you are asking today?  Every day in the dessert, the Hebrews would gather their manna. What would it look like if you went out and gathered? Could the question “Why do bad things happen to good people?” actually sustain your faith rather than push you away from it? God’s up to something . . . go out and gather.  


  1. I enjoyed this provocative letter Adam. This seems like a place where my children are right now…lots of questions. Your perspective is helpful for me.

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