Adam’s Devotional – September 5-11, 2019

From Adam…

What would you say to a 5th grader who told you they just dropped out of school because they don’t understand quantum physics? Can you imagine how the conversation would go? “You are in 6th grade; what makes you think you should be able to understand quantum physics?” Then they’d respond, “It’s just not worth being a student if I can’t understand. If I can’t learn that in 5th grade, then I’ll never be able to learn it.”  Obviously, we’d encourage that kid to go back to school and continue their pursuit of quantum physics even if they don’t understand it by the end of 5th grade. It makes sense to us that we have to learn math before we learn algebra, before we learn calculus, before we learn quantum physics. Each grade level we learn more and more. Why do we not think similarly about our faith?  Why do we think we need to know the answers to everything right now? How often do we stop our search for truth when we don’t find it in whatever amount of time we’ve allotted? How tempted are we to say, “I just can’t believe in a God who lets bad things happen to good people.” How many people with elementary school faith stop practicing because they don’t understand quantum physics spirituality. Simply because we don’t understand today, doesn’t mean God won’t lead us into deeper and fuller understanding in the future.  Jesus even says to his disciples.  “Right now you do not understand what I am doing, but later you will understand.” God’s up to something . . . stay in school. 

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