7th Grade

Weekly Events

  • Sunday School – Follow Me, a technology class for 7th graders and their parents.
    • At the age of fifteen, young people typically get their driver’s license. If sixteen-year-olds pass the driver’s test, they get a restricted license. They get more driving privileges until they officially become an adult driver at 18.  But when it comes to technology, we do none of this. Oftentimes, young people are given technology with the assumption that they know how to navigate the wireless world safely. That’s like giving a 15-year-old keys to a car and saying, “good luck.” The Follow Me class seeks to help families (youth AND adults) rethink and be more intentional with the way they use technology. Many times our devices convince us to settle for fitting in when what we really need is belonging. It’s our hope that participants in this class will learn spiritual practices to use technology to testify to their faith and foster communion rather than getting sucked into comparison.
      • Sept. 8 – Class #1
      • Sept. 15 – Class #2
      • Sept. 22 – Class #3
      • Sept. 29 – Class #4
      • Oct. 6 – Class #5
      • Oct. 13 – Class #6 (Fall Break for some)
      • Oct. 20 – Class #6 repeat (Fall Break for some)
      • Oct. 27 – Class #7
  • Wednesday Night 10:24 Program

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