Summer Activities


This summer, we will offer Summer Small Group Bible Studies,  Summer In Person Socially Distanced Activities, and Summer Zoom Sunday School Classes.   Check your email for more information, or email with questions!

Our summer youth interns are Mary Caroline Carney, Gracie Stambaugh, and Gray Williams.  We are looking forward to joining in to what God is up to this summer at FPC!

Summer Sunday School Schedule

Email for Zoom details.

Rising 7th Grade

Rising 8th Grade

Rising 9th Grade

Rising 10th Grad

Rising 11th Grade

Rising 12th Grade

Grad 12th Grade


9:55 12:30 12:30 12:00 12:00 12:00 11:00

Summer Small Group Bible Studies




Staff Leader


Rising 8th Boys Tuesday 5 PM David & Daniel Gaw OHS playground- far side of church
Rising 8th/9th Girls Wednesday 11:30 AM Angelina DeVincenzo & student leaders FPC front lawn
Bring a chair
Rising 8th/9th Girls Friday 1:00 PM MC Carney & student leaders FPC front lawn
Bring a chair
Rising 9th Boys Wednesday 5:00 PM Ben Dreher & leaders FPC front lawn
Bring a chair
Rising 10th/11th Boys Wednesday 7:00 PM Gray Williams, Will Hannon & student leader FPC front lawn
Bring a chair
Rising 9th-12th Girls Sunday 4:00 PM Gracie Stambaugh & student leaders Gracie’s Porch:
email for address
Rising 9th-12th Girls Tuesday 11:30 AM Anna Kate Rader AK’s House
email for address
Rising 12th Boys Tuesday 7:00 PM Dave Garvey, Gray Williams & Ryan Walker FPC front lawn
Bring a chair
Rising 12th Girls This week: Pool Gathering on Thursday 2-4 PM Laura Rouse, Erika Shapiro, Anne Elizabeth Tachek, Gracie Stambaugh, & Anna Kate Rader Erika’s House
email for address
Graduated Seniors/College Wednesday 7:30 PM Josh Rodriguez Josh’s House: email for address
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