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Social-Distanced Fun

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Tik Tok Tuesday – 5/26/20

Dave’s Tik Tok

Angelina’s Tik Tok

Youth Sunday 2020 Mashup

Adam’s Garage Talk – 5/23/20

Youth Sunday Sermonette on Faithfullness

Sermonette by Emily Anderson – Faithfulness

Adam’s Devotional – 5/21/20

From Adam…

It probably wasn’t easy being Joseph’s brother. Just look at Genesis 37. His dad made it pretty clear that Joseph was the favorite son. Secondly, Joseph’s dreams were offensive and annoying. We can’t pick our family. For the most part, we are stuck with them. We’re “supposed to” love our family members even if we don’t like them. That’s what makes families complicated. Joseph’s family is extra complicated. His brothers hate him so much that they’re ready to kill him. Much can be said about the hurt we can experience from family. If we don’t resolve that hurt or at least bring it to light, it has a tendency to fester and grow into deep resentment. It’s clear that Joseph epitomizes some deep-seated, unresolved hurt that his brothers carried. During this pandemic we’ve spent a lot of time with family. While we may not have gone so far as plotting a family member’s murder, we may have been okay with a few family members spending the night in the bottom of a pit. If we’ve been paying attention to the sermons on Sundays, we know the Joseph story, and we know that the family resentment will end in reconciliation. That’s our story in Christ as well. In Christ we have been reconciled with God and with one another. God refuses to allow resentment to fester between us and instead offers us grace. Is there any unresolved hurt in your family? Have you noticed any resentment? What would it look like for you to offer that resentment to God? Could the unique season of this pandemic be a potential season to practice honesty, reconciliation, and God’s grace in your family? God’s up to something . . . be a part of it.

Youth Sunday Sermonette on Gentleness

Sermonette by Connor Jorgenson – Gentleness

Tik Tok Tuesday – 5/19/20

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Youth Sunday Sermonette on Patience

Sermonette on Patience – Hayes Hill

Sunday School – 5/17/20

  • Would you rather give a gift or receive a gift?
  • What words or lines jump out to you in the text? Why?
  • In verse 6, what is Paul getting at when he compares giving to farming?
  • Is verse 6 a formula that guarantees a return? Why or why not?
  • What does Paul suggest the motivation for giving should be in verse 7?
  • What is a cheerful giver?
  • When it comes to surrendering your time or money for others, how does that make you feel?
  • Would you say you are a cheerful giver? Why or why not?
  • What would it look like to “decide in your heart” cheerful ways that you could surrender for others this week? What would it take for you to try that experiment this week?
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